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Alpha Beta Cleanser.jpg

Alpha Beta Cleanser -

Powerful Exfoliating Treatment

Radiant Peptide Serum.jpg

Radient Peptide Serum - Goodbye deep wrinkles, age spots and dull skin

Ultra Lift Eye & Neck Creme.jpg

Ultra Lift Eye & Neck Crème -

Combats Wrinkes and Dark Circles while Tightening the Skin on the Neck

Marine Complex Creme.jpg

Marine Complex Crème -

Stimulates Collagen, Hydration and Firmness

CBD Sleep Masque.jpg

CBD Sleep Masque -

Fights Dehydration, Inflammation and Redness


Tempus32 CBD Mask.jpeg
Screenshot 2021-02-23 at 13.46.39.jpeg
Natural Cosmetic
Female Model


Hawaiian Red Algae ~ Co-Enzyme Q10 ~ Alpha Hydroxy ~ Beta Hydroxy

Jojoba Beads ~ Peptides ~ Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice

Cannabis Sativa Seed Oil ~ Shea Butter ~ Salicylic Acid

Grape Fruit ~ Lavender Flower Oil ~ Ginkgo Biloba Leaf Extract

Hyaluronic Acid ~ Ginseng Root Extract ~ Arnica Montana ~ Chamomilla Recutita ~ Ananas Sativus ~ Hydrolyzed Jojoba Esters ~ Vitamin K~Alpha Lipoic Acid (ALA) ~ Mushroom Extract ~ Japanese Green Tea

Squalene ~ Palmitoyl Oligopeptide ~ Vitamin E ~ Vitamin C 

Rose Hip Extract ~ Horse Chest Nut Extract 

And so much more...



Our creator, Rikke Malmberg, has worked in the cosmetics and  skincare industry for over 25 years and wanted something very specific out of her skincare regimen. It had to work! It had to be good for you! It had to be potent! It had to be vegan! It had to be made in America! And  NO animal testing. She could not find the perfect brand so she found a superior lab and created products that met her demand for perfection. This was created for her. She just happens to share it.

Ask Robin

As a licensed esthetician since ’95, Robin will be able to answer most questions you have about your skin or the products you are using. She is a specialist on ingredients and what they do. Click here and submit your questions today. 

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