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The skin around our eyes and on our neck are noticeably thinner and more delicate, right? So we know we need a SPECIALIST to get the job done in these areas. You will feel inspired when you feel a definite tightening sensation around the eye area with each application! What’s in the secret recipe? Palmitoyl Terapeptide -7 Provides a statistically significant increase in skin elasticity( 44.9%), a reduction indeep wrinkles (16.6%), and a lifting effect (+14.4%). Vitamin K diminishes the vascular activity that creates dark circles. CoQ10 and Mushroom extract are on our favorites list for cellular energy andimmune boosting and anti-bacterial properties. Expect remarkable results after using this formula in your daily regimen!


Gently pat  a think layer around the eye area after cleansing. Lightly apply to the neck in upward strokes. A tingling sensation around the eye area is normal and will subside shortly. It indicates a greater need for hydration.

Ultra Lift Eye & Neck Crème

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